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About Us

Triple R is a small independent company based in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to give your body what it deserves so you can feel and look your best, whether it's immunity support, fatigue, mood or everyday health you want to improve, our Triple R capsules are designed for you.


We've created clean, natural supplements complete with stimulating compounds. Made from a full spectrum herb formula, our capsules contain natural caffeine giving an organic energising effect, a great way to fend off mental and physical fatigue as well as combating common sickness.


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Life is about the adventures we have, no matter what age you are, maintaining a great quality of life is about achieving optimum efficiency in your body, Triple R supplements are for those who want great health, energy and vitality.

Meditation by the Beach

Rejuvenate. Replenish. Restore.

Our Customers Love Us!


I would 100% recommend these natural capsules. I suffer with headaches and believe that these really helped me, Also in many other ways ( Energy boost etc..) xx

Kara Hawkins, Facebook

A Natural Supplement for a Healthy Lifestyle.

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